Serene Routine

(Gold Mine) Themed Nature Display

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This one-of-a-kind enclosure features a unique "Gold Mining" Theme & is designed to display a living bio-active habitat. 

The enclosure has been partially setup with hardscape materials, moss, & substrate to give an idea of the potential habitat layout.

KEY FEATURES: - A Water Feature - Swivel Casters - Feeding Spots - Drinking Spots - A Low (Cool) Hide - A High (Warm) Hide - Artificial Rock Background - Multiple Basking Zones

BONUS FEATURES: -Equipped with smart plug technology enabling you to interact with, set timers & control the enclosure from your smart devices.

-Equipped with a Smart Camera. -Equipped with a Bluetooth Speaker for added functionality.

-Equipped with a Tablet to sync & control the Smart Technology.

-Equipped with a water Pump & Filtration system to include a & naturalistic water feature.

-Equipped with a Fogger to create & maintain humidity. -

-Equipped with a drainage layer water Pump for easy maintenance.

-Equipped with a Mist System to simulate rainfall & automate watering.

-Equipped with multiple AV Fans to control ventilation, maintain air quality, proper temperature & humidity.

-Equipped with multiple Light Fixtures for a variety of heating & lighting options.

-Equipped with a digital thermometer to help monitor temperature & humidity levels.

This project is located at our showroom in Dalton Gardens, Idaho & is available to see in person.

(Local pickup & delivery options available)