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Here at Serene Routine, we love to design, build, & test new & innovative ways to display nature & house our plant & animal friends. With the proper husbandry, appeal, & quality at the forefront of our research & dedication, we take pride in our living art. Our mission is to share zoo quality nature displays that will encourage more people to create a productive & beneficial daily routine that consists of learning about, interacting with, & enjoying the serenity of nature in their space.

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Bio-Active Habitats

Why Bio-Active? A bio-active habitat is a replication of the natural ecological cycle that occurs in nature. With any habitat, the soil is the most important element. Having a proper substrate mixture & drainage layer is key to successfully maintain water drainage, thriving plants, & minimal maintenance. 

Why Micro Fauna? A bio-active habitat will include live plants & populations of small invertebrates & micro-organisms that will help to recycle nutrients back into the soil, consume mold & break down feces & other decaying matter to help keep your bio-active setup & its inhabitants fresh & healthy.



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