Our Services


We offer a variety of services & will continue to create new & innovative designs. 


Retrofit means to install, adapt, or furnish an existing item with new or modified pieces. We offer retrofit services, meaning we will refurbish your antique or modern furniture & repurpose the item for keeping plants & animals. 

(We will also take your pre-bought enclosures & will add whatever you'd like to it)

We only offer retrofit services on well built furniture. All antique or modern furniture submitted for retrofit services must be in good to excellent shape, made from durable materials & able to have electronic equipment installed. If needed, we will refurbish the appearance of the furniture before repurposing the item to house plants & animals.


We offer custom built services. Custom built enclosures are built to spec from the details & materials you choose. 

We also occasionally build custom one-of-a-kind enclosures that will be available to purchase exclusively on our website. 


We offer commissioned services on smaller projects that utilize all glass containers such as jars & aquariums.

We also occasionally have a selection of pre-made projects available. 


You may choose a Theme for your custom built, retrofit, or pre-designed project.


Your free quote will include a complete material list with current prices & labor fees. Your quote will also include delivery fees when applicable.  

All quotes can be modified to suit your budget. Let us know if you'd like to alter any details of the bid before moving forward. 

After the quote is approved, we then require a $100 fee to cover time & resources for a project blueprint with unlimited revisions. (This step is optional)

After the blueprint is approved or skipped, we will send you a project invoice.

Order fulfillment will begin after full payment is received by Serene Routine LLC. 

(We also offer material list & blueprint packages for DIY projects)

For all commissioned services, please visit our "Contact us" page to receive a free quote. 


We offer 3 options to choose from.

(Basic - Premium - Ultra)

These options apply to all of our enclosure services.


The basic option will include a complete enclosure with all hardware. (See hardware list below)

This option will allow you to choose & customize the enclosure with electronics, hardscape, & background materials yourself.  


The premium option will include a complete enclosure with all hardware, PLUS our electronics package, full custom background, & a water feature. 

This option takes it one step further and is designed to allow you to add the finishing details yourself with either a full bio-active or simple & semi naturalistic setup using various hardscape materials of your choice.


The Ultra package will include a complete enclosure with all hardware, electronics, full custom background, water feature, PLUS a full bio-active setup with hardscape materials, plants, & micro fauna.

(Fake plants option available as well) 

(BONUS OPTION) You may also choose a Theme for your project. 

This package comes ready to go. Simply plug in the unit & make adjustments to the electronic settings for your plants & animals.


Plumbing, Vents, Casters, Camlocks, Door hinges, Glass, track, Corner guards.


AV fans, Multiplug, Thermostat, Rain system, Fog machine, Light fixtures, Smart plug timers, Digital thermometer, Water pumps, Canister filters.


We offer pre-designed enclosure packages that utilize the following principles


Arboreal is a term that means "relating to or resembling a tree." Species from a tree dwelling location will need an Arboreal enclosure. This type of enclosure is generally tall & skinny. 


Terrestrial is a term that means "relating to earth." Species from a ground dwelling location will need a Terrestrial enclosure. This type of enclosure is generally short & wide. 


We refer to breeding as a multi animal setup designed to house two or more animals within the same enclosure separately. This type of enclosure can be utilized for breeding projects or simply to keep multiple animals in a single unit..


Why Bio-Active? A Bio-Active habitat is a replication of the natural ecological cycle that occurs in nature. With any habitat, the soil is the most important element. Having a proper substrate mixture & drainage layer is key to successfully maintain water drainage, thriving plants, & minimal tank maintenance. 


Why Micro Fauna? Bio-active enclosures will include live plants & populations of small invertebrates & micro-organisms that will help to recycle nutrients back into the soil, consume mold & break down feces & other decaying matter to help keep your bio-active setup & its inhabitants fresh & healthy for as long as possible. (Some maintenance is required). 


- Feeding Spots - Drinking Spots 

- A Water Feature - Swivel Casters 

- A Low (Cool) Hide - A High (Warm) Hide 

-Custom Rock Background - Multiple Basking Zones 


-Equipped with smart plug technology enabling you to interact with, set timers & control the enclosure from your smart devices. 

-Equipped with a Smart Camera. 

-Equipped with a Bluetooth Speaker for added functionality. 

-Equipped with a Tablet to sync & control the Smart Technology. 

-Equipped with a water pump & canister filtration system to include a safe & naturalistic water feature. 

-Equipped with a Fogger to create & maintain humidity. 

-Equipped with a drainage layer Pump or Drain for easy maintenance. 

-Equipped with a Mist System to simulate rainfall & automate watering. 

-Equipped with multiple AV Fans to control ventilation, maintain air quality, proper temperature & humidity. 

-Equipped with multiple Light Fixtures for a variety of heating & lighting options. 

-Equipped with a thermostat to help maintain environmental controls. 

-Equipped with a digital thermometer to help monitor temperature & humidity levels. 


Providing adequate space to thrive is extremely important to maintain healthy & happy plants & animals. The enclosure must allow for proper temperature gradients to be setup, in addition to providing enough space for the animals to grow, move around, thermoregulate, eat, sleep, & bask comfortably. Serene Routine offers a variety of pre-designed & or pre-built Arboreal & Terrestrial type enclosures that are large enough to house most species of commonly kept reptiles & amphibians. 


All Serene Routine LLC enclosures are waterproof & designed to be safe for plants & animals using non toxic materials.  


(Please see our "Refund Policy" page for more information) 

Due to the nature of our enclosure items, all sales are final. We do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges of any enclosures for any reason. Please review the item descriptions, pictures & contact us with any questions if needed before purchasing, as all enclosures sales are final. 

Because our enclosures are handmade, occasionally there may be slight variations of imperfections. However, they will have no effect on the functionality of the enclosure. 

We love our customers & will do whatever we can to make something right. You may contact us for any information needed on how to fix or replace any aspect of the enclosure

(All of our enclosures come with warranties) 


We offer a parts replacement warranty with our enclosures & will replace Electronic equipment, Glass, Trim, & Hardware (Each item 1 time) for up to 6 months after purchase date. After the parts warranty has expired, you will be responsible for purchasing & replacing all damaged/broken items. 


All of our enclosures come with a lifetime warranty. We will replace the project for free if something unexpected happens due to a manufacturing, shipping, or delivery error. 


Our warranty covers the project material costs & eliminates labor fees. however, you will still be responsible for shipping/delivery fees. 

(PARTS WARRANTY) We require proof of purchase & pictures of the defective or damaged items to receive a replacement. We will only replace items that are factory defective, damaged from shipping/delivery procedures or parts that naturally break or stop working within 6 months of purchase.

(ENCLOSURE WARRANTY) We require proof of purchase, pictures of the damaged enclosure & a return of the damaged enclosure to receive a replacement. We will only replace enclosures that are damaged due to a manufacturing or shipping delivery error. 

(Send us an email with the details & requirements to initiate your warranty) 

Please do not return any warranty parts to Serene Routine LLC or the Manufacture. (You may keep them or dispose of them accordingly)  


(Please see our "Shipping Policy" page for more information) 

Each enclosure is hand made, assembled & tested before we can deliver or ship. With the volume of orders and how long each project takes to complete, we are currently at 3-6 week turn around time. This means your items should be completed & shipped or out for delivery within 3-6 weeks from the purchase date. (In most cases, allot sooner.) If for any reason we anticipate more then 3-6 weeks you will be notified. We are actively working towards a quicker turn around time. Due to the size & weight variation of custom built & retrofit orders, you may receive your invoice for shipping after you've placed your order. This allows us to accurately account for the proper shipping cost on freight items. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email notification with a tracking number. Customers located locally to Idaho, will be charged a flat rate delivery fee that will be calculated into price at checkout or included in the quote & invoice for all custom projects. For local pickups please choose this option when making a purchase directly from our website.

CONTACT US: Please contact us with any questions or concerns. (Email) asereneroutine@gmail.com