About Us

(Serene Routine LLC was Founded in 2020)

Serene Routine is a small family owned & operated business located in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. (USA)

What began as a childhood hobby & love for nature quickly became a desire to learn more about bio-active herp keeping. This ultimately led us to discover our passion to design & build unique enclosures that truly showcase the essence of nature & properly house various species of plants & animals.

We have since built dozens of enclosures & have kept multiple species of reptiles & amphibians for over a decade. With bio-active setups being our preferred method of reptile keeping, we have spent much of our time learning various techniques in order to enhance our knowledge & skill in the art of building & maintaining bio-active, zoo quality setups. 


Our mission is to encourage more people to create a productive & beneficial daily routine/hobby that consists of learning about, interacting with, & enjoying the serenity of nature in their space.  

Not only are our displays built to look aesthetically pleasing, we also utilize built in smart technology allowing some of our enclosures to be incredibly interactive, fun, & easy to maintain.

We take pride in our setups, professionally designed & built exclusively for two reasons. First, to provide the most optimal & personalized habitat for your plants & animals. Secondly, to incorporate a breathtaking piece of nature into your space ultimately promoting a healthier lifestyle & a more serene environment.


A great selection of products & services, & high quality craftsmanship with each & every project that we build. We believe that anything being kept in captivity deserves a great home. Providing the proper habitat will allow for the various species of plants & animals being kept to thrive & display natural characteristics usually only seen in the wild.


As we are just getting our business off the ground, we have big plans in store for Serene Routine LLC.

Serene Routine LLC plans to build a couple of showroom facilities of our own. These facilities will be located in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho & Sandpoint, Idaho. 

We plan to continually add new & innovative designs to our selection of pre-designed enclosure options.

Stay Tuned & welcome to Serene Routine.